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Learn & Lead UPDATE Monthly Meeting

Learn & Lead UPDATE Community Meeting is an open space meeting for all the fans and friends of Learn & Lead. Its main purpose is to keep ourselves updated with the latest news, share our learning experience, and ideas and projects for further implementation and development of the Learn & Lead pathway to greatness - synergic development of language training and people & business development.
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Bright Future for Language Schools

Agnieszka Pedzimąż is a graduate of English Philology at the University of Silesia and postgraduate studies in therapeutic pedagogy and education management. English and French language teacher with DELF diploma, Teddy Eddie Lesson Supervisor and Positive Discipline Educator. She has been teaching foreign languages for over 20 years.

12 SMART Resolutions for New Leaders in 2021

As one of the leaders who chose Sally Percy´s 10 TOP Resolutions for Leaders in 2020 Jana Chynoradska decided to build on them and create these 12 SMART Resolutions for New Leaders in 2021. She interconnects them with the message she recently put together in her little book on “The 9 Learn & Lead Principles of a SMART Person”. It is worth fighting for yourself and your dreams. It is worth being yourself and being aware of your circle of influence in this world.
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