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The Learn&Lead Individual Program

This program is developed for ambitious adults who need to be encouraged and supported when facing challenging situations at work in order to upgrade and grow both as people and as professionals. It is especially suitable for those who work in a multinational environment and use English in their everyday life.

Empowerment through CLIL

With this 3 day course you will be well- prepared to successfully travel on your path as a Prolant Cap trainer. You'll learn the basic CLIL toolkit and have hands- on experience of evaluating and improving lesson plans so you can embark on training with CLIL methodology with confidence.

Essentials of Leadership for Teachers & Trainers

The program introduces, examines and develops the essential skills of effective leadership and management to trainers, and provides them with an environment in which to practice their implementation regarding their individual requirements.

Essentials of Multiple Intelligences

If you are looking for an inspiring kick-off training course for your teaching career in 2017/18, you should not miss out this opportunity to join us in this innovative teacher-training course. It is led by Andrea Rebrova, a highly professional and successfull teacher and teacher-trainer who is ready to share with you the essentials of the multiple intelligence theory.
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The Prolant Cap message

The Prolant Cap project finished in August 2017 and we all are getting ready for the successful launch of its products. We invite you to the Prolant-cap Newsletter 8 where you can read the final words from Jana Chynoradska and also get the dates for the 2nd Prolant Cap Conference in England!

Expert CLIL Trainer in Bratislava soon!

Linda Polkowski has recently become a trainer of the Learn&Lead Centre of Innovation with her „Empowerment through CLIL” course. She is coming to Bratislava this August in order to provide this specialized teacher-training course to all the Slovakian teachers and trainers who are ready to learn with her!
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