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The Essentials of New Leadership and Management

This training course introduces, examines and develops the essential skills of effective leadership and management. It is prepared for skilled professional trainers, aware practitioners who are searching for an advancement in their career and need these skills for their own development as well as for the development of their schools/ training organisations.

How to stay SMART and EFFICIENT in this changing world?

How to integrate the Learn&Lead management principles in your daily life, feel empowered and apply them to achieve excellence with the right work life balance? This training course offers the ultimately pragmatic approach where we look at the 9 Principles of a Smart Person.
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Learn & Lead News/ October 2020

Find here the latest news from the Learn & Lead action in September 2020.

INVITATION to the Learn & Lead UPDATE Community Meeting

If you are looking for a great opportunity to learn English, develop international contacts and are willing to share your work experience with others, this is the place you should not miss. Join us for the Learn & Lead UPDATE Community Meeting and experience the energizing atmosphere!
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