Empowerment through CLIL

Are you an aware practitioner language trainer? Would you like to upgrade your potential and focus on a chosen industry? With this 2 day course you will be well- prepared to successfully travel on your path as a Prolant Cap trainer. You’ll learn the basic CLIL toolkit and have hands- on experience of evaluating and improving lesson plans so you can embark on training with CLIL methodology with confidence.

Target group: Teachers, Trainers
Required level of English: B1 (intermediate)
No of participants: 8 - 15
Price 390 Euro (20% VAT included) Buy 1 and get 1 FREE place for your colleague.
Place: Halenárska 7, Trnava
Date: 29th - 30th August 2019

LESSONS from 08,15 – 09,45

15 min coffee break

LESSONS from 10,00 – 11,30

60 min lunch break

LESSONS from 12,30 – 14,00

15 min coffee break

LESSONS from 14,15 – 15,45


Specific goals:
  • to learn what CLIL really means and diagnose how CLIL-y you are
  • to use graphic organisers and scaffolding in your lesson planning
  • to plan, deliver and evaluate CLIL lesson plans with the focus on balancing language and content
  • to boost your self-confidence as a CLIL methodology trainer
  • What is CLIL?, how CLIL are  you, principles of CLIL, benefits of CLIL, integrating content and language, role of the first language, the Four Cs
  • Overview of Blooms taxonomy, HOTs and LOTs, multiple intelligences, using graphic organisers and scaffolding
  • CLIL  for the automotive/ tourism industries, more on graphic organisers and scaffolding
  • Evaluating  lesson plans, examples and models Improving lesson plans
  • Drafting own lesson plans, working on micro lessons, balancing content and language, peer collaboration, delivery of micro lessons and constructive evaluation
  • Replanning and rewriting lessons, working on a bank of practical materials to use in one’s own  lessons
  • Course evaluation
Trainer: Linda Polkowski
Leader and Course Developer: Jana Chynoradska