12th November 2019

UPGRADE your school with AMBER School Manager and its Learn&Lead extension module!

  • Do you believe that your school will grow when you support further development of your trainers?
  • Do you believe that the learner-centred approach is the key philosophy of today´s pedagogy?
  • Are you willing to learn and develop along with other ELT professionals throughout the world?

Amber School Manager is a fully integrated cloud-based solution for dynamic school management. It is user-friendly, adaptable and designed to meet your needs while saving you time and money. Please watch the introduction video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPkqtGtAJ0I&t=2s. There are couple of more videos available at YOUTUBE where you can see all the functions of this software solution.

Learn&Lead is an additional extension module for managing the smart language schools of the 21st century that operate on Amber School Manager. It brings considerable benefits to all the school stakeholders and guarantees sustainable growth and development.

Benefits for Students

  • Individual support and tailor-made tuition
  • High quality and broad-minded trainers
  • Friendly and supportive service

Benefits for Trainers/Teachers

  • Continuing professional development
  • Career path
  • Transparent assessment and evaluation

Benefits for Managers

  • Collaborative and co-operative environment
  • Excellence in action
  • People-centred approach

Benefits for Business owners

  • Sustainable development internationally
  • People and business development in synergy
  • Lifelong learning system interconnected with performance, quality and finance

Please watch this video that gives you a basic idea of the Learn&Lead HR module https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HocFRoQqmdU

Full Learn&Lead functions available in AMBER School manager are the following:

  • Attendance sheet report. This gives you an attendance sheet of all your courses.
  • Lessons planned and delivered by location. This gives you an overview of all the courses held and/or planned for the given period of time. It is open to leaders and developers only. Still to deliver/ Delivered/No show/ Total plan
  • Summary of work done. This gives you an overview of all the lessons held and/or planned for the given period of time. It is open to trainers, leaders and developers. Still to deliver/ Delivered/No show/ Total plan
  • Quality tool. This allows your assigned leaders (of individuals groups) to monitor the reporting of your trainers and assigning them their quality bonuses.
  • Costs overview. All the personnel costs in one table for the given period of time. It saves time, gives clear information about individual trainers, leaders, developers and their basic pay as well as their bonuses and any extra pay.
  • Performance targets. Every trainer, leader and developer can access their individual targets (lesson to teach, monitor, organize) for the given school year. It is all connected to their desired income and compared to their actual income.
  • Performance report. Here individual trainers, leaders and developers can see the overview of their performance and training bonuses and corresponding amounts of money assigned to them.
  • Breakdown by course type. This gives you an overview of all the types of courses held versus planned for the given period of time. It is open to leaders and developers only.
  • My employee info. Every trainer, leader, developer has got a direct access to their individual rates of pay for all the pay levels and bonuses. It also gives information on the actual number of lessons taught by the trainer prior to starting work in Amber, their EPG and Prolant Cap score as well as commitment’s details.
  • Reimbursement. This allows your trainers, leaders and developers to ask for any extra amount of money paid for their extra work/travel etc.

How much is it? The price for the Learn&Lead module depends on how big your school is in terms of the number of lessons per annum, the number of your teachers/trainers as well as the country in which your school operates. There are no registration fees that would need to be paid prior to start with Learn&Lead. You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. 

Special discounts for schools registering by 20th December 2019! You can get a special discount of 30% off the price that corresponds to your school if you choose the Learn&Lead module to be part of your AMBER service. Get this advantage and take the lead in your region. Become the first smart school in your city!

Contact person: Jana Chynoradska