22nd October 2017

The Prolant Cap message

The Prolant Cap project finished in August 2017 and we all are getting ready for the successful launch of its products. Please watcho this video and feel the atmosphere of the 1st Prolant Cap Conference that was held in June 2018 in Bratislave. We also invite you to the Prolant-cap Newsletter 8 where you can read the final words from Jana Chynoradska, the project founder and one of the certified Prolant Cap trainers who says:

We firmly believe that the current foreign language market offers great, exceptional trainers who work hard and are already beyond what ́s understood to be „ a foreign language trainer“. The Prolant Cap Career Path is going to function as the distinguishing tool that will enable language providers to lead their trainers towards professional excellence and so help them progress in their careers. We also offer these trainers professional training programmes that they can provide to the customers in these two sectors. Not only do we provide the Career Path and the programmes but fundamentally we are ready to lead our trainers in their career paths so that their work will be recognized by the customers.”

To get Jana´s message in full, please read the Prolant-cap Newsletter 8 where you can also read more about the 2nd Prolant Cap Conference that will be held from 1st to 2nd June 2018 in ANGLOLANG Academy, Scarborough, England.