9th February 2019

Our Achievements in 2018

2018 was an interesting year for us all in the Learn & Lead team, with lots of new ideas, opportunities and challenges, take a look back at what we achieved in 2018.

  1. The next Learn&Lead Erasmusplus project
    • Happy School 2020 project, is helping Harmony to implement the Learn&Lead structure and philosophy into its day to day workings. A National Consortium has been formed in conjunction with PlusAcademia  & IPA, and we are working together as partners in the Slovak market.  Within this Happy School project, CNTC in France, became the first language  school in Europe, to receive taster sessions from the Learn & Learn training programmes.  These took place in October and have inspired their teachers to want to experience the complete training courses.
  2. Learn&Lead in the Slovak Association of Language Schools
    • an initiative taken between Jana Chynoradská and Marcel Rypák who ran a workshop,“Design Sprint in L&L“ at the ELT Forum 2018. The Slovak Association of Language Schools has fully accepted and adopted the Learn & Lead vision for its growth strategy and membership of the association.
  3. Community building on an international level
    • Created a business partnership between Vicki Plant  from France. She started working on a weekly basis from September. Her main role and objective is to help communicate the Learn&Lead vision and pathway internationally.
    • Learn&Lead was successfully presented in Croatia at the ADRIES 2018, Adriatic Education Development and Research&Innovation Symposium in October 2018. The idea was accepted with great interest, and a new collaboration is underway.
  4. The Learn&Lead training provided for various target groups with the specifications as follows:
    • Public workshops on English Pronunciation, Improvisation in Communication,
    • Company training on Improvisation in Communication, Dealing with Difficulties at a Workplace, Conference Calls, Listening Focus and Grammar with Songs,
    • Teacher-training courses on Student- centred Approach, The Essentials of Learn&Lead, and Empowerment through CLIL
    • School management training on The Essentials of Pedagogical Leadership