12th October 2020

The Learn & Lead Committee.

Congratulations to Jana and the friends of Learn & Lead who volunteered to form the ‘Learn & Lead Committee’. The first meeting took place via Zoom on Thursday 3rd September. Following discussions it was agreed that they would help wherever possible, to further the development of Learn & Lead to meet the objectives of having 3 new language schools and 10 new Learn & Lead teachers/trainers by the end of 2020. It is hoped that a strong network of like-minded people will grow and grow as more schools and businesses become involved. The committee will also assist in the organisation of holding an Annual International Conference and keep everyone up to date each month via a newsletter.

The committee members:

President  – Jana Chynoradská

Chair & Newsletter Coordinator – Dee McGinty

Joint Social-Media Coordinators – Janka  Porubčanská & Aljona Kurotova

Joint Croatian Coordinators –  Berislav Božanović  & Andrea Anić Petrović

Latvian Coordinator Elizabete Libeite

Progress Monitoring Coordinator – Valerie Demange   

New Generation Teacher/Trainer  Coordinator – Lucia Chladná

We all wish them the best of luck!