2nd September 2020

The first Family Weekend Stay course in Bojnice, Slovakia.

Congratulations to Jana, Betty and Jaro Chynoradska for the first Family Weekend Stay course on the ‘9 Learn & Lead Principles of a Smart Person’ held in the beautiful town on Bojnice, Slovakia from the 14th to 16th August.

The ‘9 Learn&Lead Principles of a Smart Person’ weekend offered 9 ideas that are a guide on the way towards a happier and more contented life. According to a specific life situation a person chooses a principle that resonates the most, at this given time, and then tries to implement it through their ideas and actions. A person gradually goes through the principles that make them become a better person and a motivator of themselves and others.

The course in English, under the leadership of Jana Bartekova Chynoradska was a huge success. The children were entertained under the careful eye of Betty and Jaro who entertained them by playing games and taking them on local trips. Details of the 25th – 27th September weekend course are attached to this newsletter.

How to integrate the Learn&Lead management principles in your daily life, feel empowered and apply them to achieve excellence with the right work life balance? This training course offers the ultimately pragmatic approach where we look at the 9 Principles of a Smart Person. You can choose the form of the training where you will anchor not only this philosophy but also develop your managerial vocabulary and mindset in English.”

Valerie Demange, August 2020