6th May 2021

The 9 Learn & Lead Principles of a Smart Person

We hope you, your family at home and in your school are doing well. Despite the Coronavirus present all around us our lives cannot stop and we need to find a way how to adapt and succeed in this new world. As you have heard and/or experienced, the Learn & Lead pathway to excellence is one of the alternative ways that has helped us to sustain our business and is based on the fundamental principles – the 9 Learn & Lead Principles of a Smart Person.

Maybe you would like to know that I have launched registration for my next group. It is planned on ZOOM (online) for Saturday 15th May from 9,00 to 16,30 – one-day training. The registration is through the ZOOM link in the attached document.

The main purpose of this training is to support YOU – school managers and owners in developing teams in your organisations. Once you identify the power of the 9 Learn & Lead Principles through yourself, you can start creating an innovative working environment in your organisation, make it more attractive for your team and eventually for your customers.

We also feel happy that the 9 Learn & Lead principles have been, along with the learner-centred approach, the foundation of the LEARNER-CENTRED Approach Teacher Development Framework – the intellectual output 1 from the Erasmus+ project UPGRADE with Learner-centred approach. Today it is being developed as an interactive tool that will be made public in the summer of 2021 and open to teachers, trainers and managers worldwide. If you want to find out WHAT it is and how it can help you implement the Learn & Lead vision in your own school, please, feel free to contact me. I will be glad to be presenting it to you!

I would be very thankful for your consideration of this offer. I hope to meet some of your team members soon! Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

Event: The 9 Learn & Lead Principles of a Smart Person

The 9 Learn & Lead Principles of a Smart Person

Innovative developmental training for the international community

Is this training for you?

  • Are you a teacher, a trainer or a manager who needs some fresh air to find a way for the development of yourself and your company?
  • Do you want to become smarter and more efficient in this changing world?
  • Can you speak English and want to use it in your international training?
If you have answered YES – then this workshop is for you and trust us, it will show you the way to your success.

The questions you will find the answers to in the workshop

  • How can this training make you a smarter and more efficient person?
  • How can you find the way in your organisation that will take you to profit and visible outcomes?
  • How can you awake yourself, your organisation and lead your team to cooperation?
  • How can you use this training for the benefit of your personal and/or professional needs?
  • How can you believe in yourself and your success?


Everyone who wants to upgrade themselves via English for professional as well as personal lives.

Author & Trainer

Jana Chynoradska is a mentor, inspirator, awakener and the author of three books on personal and organisational development.
She is a happy teacher who can motivate people and help them to get to their success. Apart from this Jana is the owner of a language school with a 20-year rich history and the Development Lead at the Centre of Innovation for further professional training of adults.
+421 903 412 551


Saturday 15th May 2021


09.00 – 16.30




Training fee: 145 EUR/person
Exclusive offer for the Learn & Lead Schools: 99 EUR/person (registration is open until May 2021)
BONUSES: A copy of the 9 Learn & Lead Principles of a Smart Person e-book.
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