12th November 2019

Teachers, just keep on learning!

Dear teachers, trainers, managers,

you surely agree with me that we are the lucky ones who understand that keeping learning throughout our teaching career is an integral part of our profession. I am one of you and yet some find me very different. In all those years of my professional career I have learned to accept myself and others as unique human beings who know exactly what is best for them. I pay respect to every person I meet on my way. I trust myself and those around me. I believe that a teacher of the 21st century needs to be constantly updated and free to grow and develop and that we, the teachers, need to be working in such a language school of the 21st century that allows us to. Not for a year or two, but sustainably throughout our career.

I set up Harmony School of English from scratch back in September 2000, so now my school is 19. Harmony is SHE for me. In fact, she IS human, because whatever you see, experience and hear about Harmony, it´s about us – the people who are Harmony.

I have learnt a lot of lessons throughout my life as a teacher-manager.  I have always been driven by my inner need to constantly learn, grow and develop me as a language teacher and also a language school manager.

Those of you who know Harmony will surely agree with me that she has been lucky to be working with great professionals in all those years. They all have contributed to the development of a brand-new functional management system that is known today as Learn&Lead. It brings considerable benefits to all key school stakeholders (students, teachers, managers, business owners) and is the evidence of our courage, willingness and persistence in working together as a team.

Today the Learn&Lead functional HR management module is an integral part of the AMBER School manager and is open to other language schools throughout the world.

If you are looking for a management tool that would help your team connect and develop side by side with your school, you should not miss this opportunity and try this solution out. While considering this option, please read more about the Functional management and training model here. You could also download this Learn&Lead leaflet and make a clear picture of it.

If this all is of interest to you, please go on and read our offer here. For more information, please, contact me directly at jana@harmony.sk.

I look forward to hearing from you!