for Jana Chynoradska and the Learn&Lead Individual Program

Six months ago I was facing the greatest challenge of my professional life– chairing a Council Working Party as part of the Slovak Presidency. Today, all my fears, doubts, and concerns appear ridiculous – but back then, they were very real.

I was lucky enough to have a sample lesson of the Learn&Lead Individual program with Janka earlier this year. I remember two things from this lesson. Firstly, I learnt how to better plan my meetings based on the goals I wanted to achieve during the Presidency. And secondly, I remember one simple question. Janka asked: “Zuzka, do you like people?” And I recall that I could not genuinely answer “Yes”. During our first lesson while we discussed what we should focus on, Janka asked what I remembered from our sample lesson. That one question, which had stayed in my mind, was crucial for the rest of the programme. Janka very correctly assessed that I needed to work on my people skills. She helped me to accept people – the various ways in which they communicate, how they express themselves and process information, and how they react. I no longer saw people as obstacles which are necessary to overcome on my way towards a goal, but rather as exciting encounters; as sources of inspiration, help, support, and knowledge. Janka also introduced me to various enlightening psychological concepts connected to working with people and leading them.

I am not the type of person who takes advice at face value, or someone who relies on multi-step programmes aimed at achieving a better, more successful life. But during every lesson, and after every concept I was introduced to, I discovered ideas that I felt were truly useful, not only for my career, but also for my personal life. With Janka I knew I was in good hands. She had a clear idea of the intended curriculum, and she was able adapt to my changing needs and address my current issues.

It was good fortune that I attended the programme while I fulfilled my role in the Presidency, as I was able to make use of and practically implement these new ideas and concepts immediately. And I could then see which specific ideas worked best for me. The fact that the programme is taught in English is the cherry on top.

Zuzana Silná
January 26, 2017

For Jana Chynoradska and the Learn&Lead Company program

Boredom in English? Forget it! For everyone bored with standard English learning, I recommend exactly this. You will get language development through meaningful topic by which you develop yourselves.

Yes, from certain level of English language, I was literally bored on standard lessons. I achieved it in time when I had to communicate with colleagues from abroad on daily basis, managed my team and was thinking about next step in my career. Of course, I could drill my pronunciation and usage of „present perfect“ and „past perfect“ but I did not do it. Why? Because boring. For anglophiles: „booooring“. Boring topics about where I was on vacation, what I saw there and what I bought, boring forms – reading from workbooks and discussion in a group, boring setting of a meeting room in work.

Great pity that I did not meet mrs. Jana Chynoradska from HARMONY ACADEMY in Trnava back then. Anyways, I met her now because my colleague Ivona won a taster of their „Learn&Lead“ program. After 4 lessons, I, from little skepticism if topic of personal and career development combined with English language is combinable and realizable, got to excitement and enjoyment of form and content.

I really enjoyed it. 4 lessons in English language, funny performance and using of right „present perfect“ form, Churchill and a courage, 3 steps pronunciation of „courageous“, R.S. Covey 7 habits of effective people, my eternal problem where in word „fulfillment“ are 2 „l“, „running dictation“supporting the development of vocabulary and writing in English and also understanding of content of great first habit „Be proactive“.

For everyone bored with the standard English learning schooling I recommend exactly this. You will get language development through meaningful topic by which you develop yourselves.

Thanks Iva that you won. Thank you mrs. Chynoradska that you have created the course and I could experience it.

Beáta Jirásková
People Elements, spol. s r. o.
August 28, 2015

for Jana Chynoradska

Jana is an extraordinary leader and has created her school, Harmony which serves as an example to us all.

Bonnie Tsai
August 28, 2013

for Jana Chynoradska

I have known Jana both professionally and personally for a few years now. She is an exceptional person. If you ever have the pleasure of visiting or attending a training course in her school, you will enter a creative, beautiful world designed to enhance learning and creative thinking. Jana is one of the rare individuals who knows how to work with the whole person and bring out the best in everyone.

Bonnie Tsai
February 1st, 2012

for Jana Chynoradska

Jana’s TOP qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative. Stepping into language school of Jana, everybody can see and feel an atmosphere of work with passion, creativity, cooperation and well-being. Her staff – it is great team of people with deep knowledge, wonderful souls and high enthusiasm. She leads them to master teaching methods to high standards, to sharpening their qualities, and to share that richness. I wish to all teachers in our country to have a chance to work with Jana and her team. I wish to everybody to have a chance to be in contact with Jana.

Judith Drabova
February 2nd, 2012