Research and Development

The Learn&Lead developmental concept was established back in 2010 by Jana Chynoradska, the founder and leading personality of Harmony Academy in Slovakia.

Learn & Lead project activities operate on the multinational level, in partnership with leading European institutions thereby gaining access to the latest knowledge and trends, and we are directly involved in the development of new methods and procedures. Established knowledge allows us to set up programs for trainers, teachers and managers precisely according to their needs and offer them highly productive training at the highest level.

Please view the Learn&Lead Discovery journey here. It takes you back to 2010 when Jana Chynoradska and her team of enthusiastic teachers from her language school Harmony Academy set off on a journey towards “The Inspiring TeacherManager Land”. Today it is known as “The Learn&Lead Discovery“.

Today Learn&Lead stands for a functional school management structure, offers distinctive language training programs for companies, schools and individuals, and certification of teachers, trainers and manager. It invites language schools across Europe to connect in order to grow and develop for the better and more valuable language training services across Europe.