We are here for everybody who believes in the need for lifelong learning and personal growth of each and every individual. We arose concurrently with partner projects in France and England, thanks to financial assistance from the  Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation (SAAIC) – Slovak National Agency of Lifelong Learning Programme (NA LLP), subprogramme Grundtvig , action Learning Partnerships. Our formation was a natural result of the international Learn & Lead project (2010-2012) in which we participated as the main coordinator of the partnership.

We introduce a revolutionary approach in the way we perceive the importance and level of language learning, and the status of the teacher, trainer and manager in modern schools and training institutions.

We develop and implement innovation in language training in partnership with the Slovak Association of Language Schools and other expert partners from abroad.

We look for talent in the ranks of teachers, trainers, managers and other members of public and develop their potential for improving education in Slovakia and abroad.

We are changing the traditional structure of the modern education system in the belief that healthy dynamic growth and development of any organisation can be achieved only by constant and mutual learning.

We carry out projects for personal and professional development of teachers, trainers and modern managers.

We bring the latest information on developments and emerging trends, found not only in language learning in order to find the most effective opportunities for their personal and professional growth.

We offer workshops, conferences and open forums, individual and group coaching, accredited programs of continuing education, consultation and specialised, project related, financial and business consulting.

We share our passion, the acquired knowledge, practical experience and results of creative work with partners and also with professionals and the general public.