12th October 2018

Professional Language Teachers Career Path

Prolant Cap provides a structure for evaluating and developing the professional skills of  foreign language teachers and trainers, who are not within the traditional educational environment.  It uses the European Profiling Grid (e-grid) as a base to assess and recognise the different capabilities and experiences of teachers and trainers, and to highlight where further training and development may be required.  A teacher / trainer is identified as being within one of three development phases in their career path:
·       A competent replicator
·       An aware practitioner
·       An expert facilitator
This initial assessment can be further qualified by reference to additional competence frameworks such as a CLIL competence grid which will identify specialised teaching skills and knowledge.   Determining where teachers are in their career continuum and identifying their  training and development needs will enable suitable training or development plans to be put in place at either a personal or a group level by the language school.
The Prolant Cap framework can be used as both a personal or a managerial tool and offers professional growth opportunities for the trainer.  It can enable schools to develop a competitive edge to their business by demonstrating the professional competences of their teachers and showing a commitment to continuous learning and development.  Language schools which implement the Prolant Cap framework into their organisation can thus become professionally oriented language training academies.

“The Prolant Cap model offer personal growth and competitive edge through a quality professional development pathway to benefit customers, trainers and managers alike”.