Conferences and forums

The  2nd  PROLANTCAP Conference 

1st – 2nd June 2018 Anglolang Academy, Scarborough, UK

1st PROLANTCAP Conference

8th June 2017, The University of Economics, Bratislava, Slovakia


It´s good to know that…

This conference is the key event organized by the Slovak Association of Language Schools led by Jana Chynoradská who are coordinating the multinational project “Learning, training and working for better perspectives and employability.”

  • It is the common purpose of six European partners (France, the UK, Malta, Latvia, Italy and Slovakia) who have come together to work on a KA2 (Strategic Partnerships) Erasmus+ project.
  • The overall objective of this project is to enhance the professional development of foreign language teachers and trainers.
  • We aim to help trainers possess more professional competences for training adults in various sectors of industry and at helping the participants of these language
    training courses (focused on car industry and tourism development in this project) achieve better results.

The 1st PROLANTCAP Conference is

  • open to 80 participants,
  • connects managers, trainers, customers, representatives of public training institutions,
  • organized in the Open Space Technology,
  • facilitated by Adrian Underhill,
  • please view the INVITATION here

Adrian Underhill is a trainer and consultant, writer and speaker. He´s a past President of IATEFL and current IATEFL ambassador, and series editor of Macmillan Books for Teachers. He works with teachers, managers and leaders on developing ‘schools that learn’ and ‘intelligent organisations’, and with teachers and trainers on ways of incorporating natural human faculties such as intuition, playfulness and improvisation into classroom learning.

The 1st Learn&Lead Conference

23th June 2015, Pau, France

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3rd Central European Workshop

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This unique event offered its participants a great opportunity to learn and become familiar with the latest developments in language teaching. In the beginning, we successfully launched innovative language learning modules in the context of the currently operating Learn&Lead Centre of Innovation for teachers, trainers and managers. The workshop celebrated the success of the LEARN&LEAD learning partnership funded by national agencies in the context of the GRUNDTVIG Program between institutions GLS from France, Pilgrims from England and Harmony – Tvoja cesta poznania from Slovakia. In a pleasant and highly professional environment all participants had the opportunity to practise and develop their English, gain confidence and support in their career advancement.

2nd Central European Workshop

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Based on our firm conviction that change in education begins with the individual teacher, the Second Central European Workshop for Learning Teachers of English was conducted. In order to emphasise the main purpose of this meeting, we used the adjective “learning” to the word “teacher”. Workshop participants were provided with a fruitful, inspiring, enjoyable and highly professional environment where they brushed up their English, acquired a lot of new information and gained confidence and support for the new school year.

1st Central European Workshop

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We live in a world of developing technology. We are living and experiencing firsthand the tremendous changes and innovations that are happening around us and to us. We believe that any successful change starts in the individual human beings – in the teacher and in the student. The First Central European Workshop opened its first workshop in the spirit of a series of workshops for humanistic English teachers. We welcomed 84 teachers from all over Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, UK, France and USA. Its main role was to improve their English and to provide participants with many positive experiences and practical activities for their personal and professional development, and to inspire them before the start of the school year. Together with the partner school Pilgrims and Pilgrims trainers, we contributed to the development of the potential of the teachers, which in turn can reveal the potential in the learners.