28th April 2014

Welcome to Learn&Lead!

Dear friends,

It´s my pleasure to welcome you to our new webpage Learn&Lead. Since the „Learn&Lead Centre of Innovation“  concept was created back in 2010, we have been actively working on its further development. Today we are succeeding in creating ideas, submitting projects and implementing them with a clear vision of helping teachers, trainers and managers grow along with the sustainable development of their organisations. We connect this development to the process of foreign language learning which thus gets a valuable added component and opens a new dimension of foreign language and communication training.

Our certified program „Learn&Lead for Teachers & Trainers“is currently an integral part of the PROLANTCAP Trainer Development Framework (PTDF). PTDF was formed in an ERASMUS+ project “Learning, training and working for better perspectives and employability” which we coordinate on behalf of the Slovak Association of Language Schools along with five other EU countries namely Latvia, Italy, Malta, France and the UK. Its main aim is to enhance the professional development of foreign language teachers and trainers who do not operate within the traditional educational environment.

We also offer

I hope you will enjoy exploring our new website and find there lots of inspiration and encouragement to proceed in your life.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our upcoming events soon!

Jana Chynoradska