9th February 2019

Let´s move on together.

Before I start let me wish you all lots of health, happiness, joy, love and success both at home and at work.  2018 was an interesting year for us all in the Learn &Lead team, with lots of new ideas, opportunities and challenges, taking a look back at what we achieved in 2018.

Now we have entered the year 2019, and I hope that it will bring new inspiration and encouragement for you to go on and enjoy your life to the full. We all are here for only a limited period of time and therefore we should feel honoured and ready to be who we feel we are. The feeling inside can guide our way forward and when we connect our heart, where the feelings come from, with our brain – we are able to identify the path which will take us to where we want to go.

One such option for moving forward into your future possibilities, is the Learn&Lead Pathway to Greatness which takes you from where you currently are to where you can go in the future, in both a professional and/or managerial direction.

We base our pathway on the European Profiling Grid (EPG) that is an innovative instrument whose main purpose is to provide language teachers, teacher-trainers and managers with a reliable means of outlining current competences and enhancing professionalism in language education. The ultimate aim is to increase the quality and efficiency of the training and professional development of language teachers.

By introducing the EPG we intend to :

> assist self-assessment and mapping of a range of current language teaching skills and

competences ;

> outline individual and group profiles of language teachers in an institution, stating the levels

of competence attained according to a set of categories and descriptors ;

> help to identify development needs and training programmes ;

> serve as an additional tool for staff selection and appraisal ;

> assist in understanding of and communication between different pedagogical systems and

educational traditions in Europe ;

> foster transparency of teaching standards, facilitating teacher mobility

If you want to use this tool, feel free to go here: http://www.epg-project.eu/ .

We at HARMONY ACADEMY are prepared to undergo a very important step forward in 2019 and pass the teamwork exam this year. With the TRAINER-LEADER-DEVELOPER management structure we are very close to identifying key roles & responsibilites of every single position within this innovative structure and by doing so we are ready to grow, learn and develop side by side.

There is still a lot to work on and develop ahead of us, we know. We are excited about this journey and are happy to share it with you, if you wish so. We are a growing community of individuals and organizations that believe in synergy between people and organisational growth and development.

Your sincerely,

Jana Chynoradska