12th October 2020

Happy Birthday! 20th Anniversary of Harmony Academy.

The 20th Anniversary Celebration of Harmony Academy took place via Zoom on Tuesday 22nd September. Jana opened the evening with a personal welcome and recalled the many international projects Harmony has been involved in.  The aim of one of the current projects, is to create an environment in which they can fully develop the Learn and Lead management model, which will increase the motivation, quality and engagement of teachers and also the quality of services provided.

Seven guest speakers each shared their experiences of Harmony and Learn & Lead with the group. Guests logged in and out of the celebrations during the evening and passed on their good wishes to Harmony for the future. Jana and Jaro gave a heart-warming close to the celebrations with the words “I love you” and “I love you too”.


17,50 – 18,00  Happy time

18,00 – 18,15  Opening speech by Jana CHYNORADSKA

18,15 – 18,20  Gabriela LOJOVA, the founding member of HARMONY,

the Guarantor of teacher-training at HARMONY

18,20 – 18,25  Andrea KUTNA, a current Senior Manager/Developer at

HARMONY, starting to work for HARMONY back in 2001

18,25 – 18,30  Vicki PLANT, a great support/a Learn & Lead Consultant

in the Learn & Lead development, starting to work in the

Learn & Lead projects back in 2013

18,30 – 18,35  Dee McGinty, a FB storyteller and current Development

Lead of the Learn & Lead Community Online

18,35 – 18,40  Andrea A PANIC, a Croatian Coordinator for the Learn &

Lead implementation, getting in touch with Learn & Lead

back in 2018

18,40 – 18,45  Sona PETRASOVA, the owner of the 1st Learn & Lead

language school in the world, starting in August 2020

18,45 – 18,50  Alona KUROTOVA, the owner of the 2nd Learn & Lead

language school in the world, starting in August 2020 and

a current Learn & Lead Social-Media Coordinator

18,50 – 18,55  Valerie DEMANGE, a participant of the 9 Learn & Lead

Principles of a Smart Person in August 2020 and a current

Learn & Lead Progress Monitoring Coordinator

18,55 – 19,15  Qs & As from the participants to our guest speakers

19,05 – 19,20  Small group talk

19,20 – 19,30  Summary and final wishes. Thank you.

THANK YOU to all who took part in our ZOOM celebration of HARMONY´s 20th Anniversary. It was a real pleasure to be with you, hear your stories and see your reactions in the small groups.

I am excited about the next move for all of us. “I love you” “and I love you too” … I love you too were the final phrases we heard and agreed that LOVE is the energy and the real essence of HAPPY SCHOOLS. So let´s LOVE & LEARN & LEAD together for making this world a better and more valuable place for others! Jana