11th December 2020

Every Child Matters!

These days, we are launching an EVERY CHILD MATTERS campaign, launching a series of webinars for parents, teachers and adults who care about building a better work or family environment for a healthier life for all of us.

“When the time is right, you will move forward. You will embark on your own path of development and gradually take steps that are inevitably waiting for you on this path. You meet people, communicate, do business, struggle with the consequences of your non-responsibility, enjoy the results of your work, listen and watch your surroundings and their reactions to your own decisions, which do not always bring a smile to your surroundings. But you know you are going your own way. A way that makes sense of your personal life. A kind of inner compass within you, that inner voice that we often try to silence, communicates to you where your journey should go and with whom. You need to have the will, the time, and the courage to listen to it. The courage to listen to the voice within you that reveals to you the essence of your own existence. For it is hidden in every one of us, who dwells in the “depths of our inner world,” which is beautiful, perfect and valuable. Combining this inner voice with reason that is logical, structured and rational brings you a sense of unique certainty of your own decisions.

Here, at the same time, I thank you for the stimulating debates, conversations, meetings, training courses, books, and all the retreats I had to go through to discover my inner world and find the courage to share it with others. It is a world of peace, understanding, harmony and the joy of the simplicity of life, which stems from living every single day to the fullest, with gratitude, humility and courage to continue living your own life. Each of us has the right to be original, unique, and thus inevitably different. This is how we were born and this is our chance to be.

And a message for everyone who has just decided to push this idea in their own companies, schools or organizations? Get started today, it’s worth it!


Jana Chynoradská”

At Learn & Lead, every child matters because they are unique and have their own needs. Therefore, we are taking necessary steps for setting up such an environment in our school, so that we can fully apply this pedagogical approach as effectively as possible. The KA20 3 project from ERASMUS+ workshop called ′′ UPGRADE with Learner-centred Approach ′′ successfully started on Wednesday 4th November, 2020 with the participation of 9 partners led by the Catholic University of Ruzomberok.

This is what Markéta Rusnáková, from the Faculty of Education Ruzomberok, said about the launch of the project.

Kick off meeting of our Erasmus project KA 203 Strategic Partnerships – Upgrade with Learner – centred Approach

On November 4 and 5, 2020, an online kick-off meeting of representatives of Erasmus + project partners, for which our university is the coordinator took place. The project is called Upgrade with Learner – centred Approach (Innovation with a pupil / student-oriented approach). The meeting was attended by representatives of partner organizations – Mykolas Romeris University, Lithu ania; DIG – ED, Centre for innovation and digital education, North Macedonia; Strasho Pindjur Primary School, North Macedonia; EUROFORTIS – a multicultural NGO, who‘s aim is the simplification of further education of schools, businesses and society, Latvia; Elementary school Osnova šola Dobje, Slovenia; Elementary school Bystrická cesta, Slovakia; elementary school Pranas Masiotas, Lithuania. The first transnational meeting was led by PaedDr. Jana Chynoradská from the partner organization Harmony Academy s.r.o. – private language school, Slovakia. Faculty of Education, Catholic University in Ružomberok was represented by doc. PhDr. Markéta Rusnáková, Ph.D. and Adam Janiga.

The two days program of the transnational meeting was demanding and it was the first such meeting of all partners. The meeting started with short presentation of each partner. It continued with the division and clear identification of tasks between partners. Mostly the second day was devoted to the first intellectual output of the project, which is focused on the preparation of a self-assessment system for teachers in the context of their skills in the field of student-oriented approach. The partners focused mainly on clarifying the objectives of this output and proposing specific team members who will prepare this project output. Other outputs of the project for the coming years are, for example, the creation of compulsory optional courses, the content of which will be a student-oriented approach and self-management of the teacher – Learn and lead, as well as the preparation of two lifelong learning programs with similar content.

We are proud that such a strategic project will be realized at our faculty. Thanks to the Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships grant, we will be an inspiration for partner countries and we believe that also for countries outside the project.

Author: Markéta Rusnáková