The Learn&Lead Individual Program

It´s good to know that…

In today´s fast moving world we need to effectively lead our lives and learn along the way. This program is developed for ambitious adults who need to be encouraged and supported when facing challenging situations at work in order to upgrade and grow both as people and as professionals. It is especially suitable for those who work in a multinational environment and use English in their everyday life.

Target group: Adults who need support and encouragement for their work
Required level of English: B1 (intermediate)
Number of participants: 1
  • support a person in making inevitable changes in their professional life
  • build one´s self-confidence
  • support a person when enforcing and adopting inovative processes at a workplace
Duration: 5 sessions (60minutes)
  • according to your preferences of time, place and frequency.
Price 399 Euro VAT included
Trainer, Leader and course Developer: Jana Chynoradská