The Essentials of Communication in a Team

Target group: Team Leaders, Directors of Studies, Heads of Departments, Managers, Business Owners
Required level of English: B1 (intermediate)
Number of participants: 5 to 8
Duration: 2 training days
Price 395 Euro (20% VAT included)
Date: 6th-7th December 2019
Place: Halenárska 7, Trnava, Slovakia
Main aim:
  • To make participants aware of their individual characteritics, their roles and responsibilities at their work and at the same time help them create a motivating, effective learning environment where all focus on common goals and SMART objectives.
Specific goals:
  • to raise awareness of the importance of proper communication in a team,
  • to enable the participant to appreciate the impact of effective communication on effective learning,
  • to enable the participant to identify and build on their own communication strengths in order to develop effective communication strategies in their team,
  • to equip the participant with the requisite skills to instil communication competencies in their team members.
Trainer and Course Developer: Jana Chynoradská