Shaping our lives.

It´s good to know that …

In this stressful, modern life we lead, we rarely have the time and opportunity to stop and think about how to do things better. How we can be better role models for our children, how we can manage family life better and our houselds better.

This course is part of the PARENT AS A LEADER program that was created during the Learn&Lead for Parents project in 2013 – 2015. The whole program allows parents the time to reflect on their current lives and to create a vision for their family. It  consists of the following courses:


The motivation for this course came from a consortium of European training organisations who wished to develop an innovative European course called “Parent as a Leader”. When an adult learns, they have the potential to become a leader in what they do. A leader being a highly responsible, caring and disciplined individual who becomes an example for others – in this context, children.

Subtitle: Meaningful conversation on leadership in families
Duration: 16 lessons
Price per participant 230 Euro
Required English level: B1, intermediate
Target group: Parents and other adults interested in this topic
Number of participants: 5 to 8
Dates: 5th October - 29th November 2017
Place: Kapitulska 26, Trnava
Times: Wednesdays from 5 to 6.30
  • become aware of one-self
  • identify one’s core values from wich motivation can be derived
  • define family roles and responsibilites
  • create one’s family vision
  • core values
  • communication
  • motivation and Inspiration
  • family roles and responsibilites
  • family vision
Trainer, Leader and course Developer: Jana Chynoradská