Essentials of Multiple Intelligences for Teachers&Trainers

Target group: Language teachers and trainers
Dates: 11th May 2018
Times: From 1 to 4,15 pm
Place: Halenárska 7, Trnava
Price per participant: 60 Euro (20% VAT included)
Main aims:
  1. Emphasize the importance of diversity of activities that respect individual characteristics of learners
  2. Be a participant as well as an observer of practical activities applicable to the class, experience individual activities and participate in analyses and discussions which give the opportunity to exchange experience, express opinions, assess, receive and share new information and knowledge
  3. Increase motivation and self-confidence of learners
  4. Look for new approaches, ways and styles that make learning available to learners
Specific aims:
  1. Define types of intelligences and learn to respect this diversity in the learning process
  2. When using textbooks, consider students individual characteristics and types of intelligences in order for them to learn the best, adapt textbook content to students, their needs, and different styles of learning
  3. Identify different kinds of intelligences and open up to the use of this knowledge in the classroom
  • Getting to know each other activities
  • Overcoming barriers and creating a friendly and creative atmosphere
  • Working on group dynamics
  • Activities aimed at getting to know each other and respecting ourselves as well as other participants in the group
  • Introducing the theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner
  • Characteristics of individual types of intelligences and their impact on learning and teaching
  • How to use the strengths of our students in teaching
  • Test to detect predominant types of intelligences
Trainer and coure leader: Andrea Rebrová
Course developer: Jana Chynoradská