Essentials of Leadership for Teachers & Trainers

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This course is an integral part of the common Learn&Lead strategy of continuing professional development of language teachers and trainers (the PROLANTCAP Trainer Development Framework) within the Slovak Association of Language Schools. The complete Learn&Lead program consists of the following:

A foundation course

1st course    The Learner-Centred Approach, 30 lessons

Two specific courses

2nd course   The Essentials of Communication, 20 lessons

3rd course   The Essentials of Leadership, 20 lessons

Target group: Teachers, Trainers
Required level of English: B1 (intermediate)
Number of participants: 8 to 15
Timetable: 2,5 training days
Price 290 Euro (20% VAT included)
Date: 21st - 23rd August 2019
Place: Halenárska 7, Trnava, Slovakia
Main aim:
  • To introduce, examine and develop the essential skills of effective leadership and management, and to provide participants with an environment in which to practice their implementation regarding the participants’ individual requirements.
Specific goals:
  • gain key insights on how to be a successful leader in today’s challenging world
  • learn about “leadership as activity” and a free choice people make
  • investigate tools to mobilise and nurture different talents within your team
  • discover how to build effective networks
  • learn the difference between managers and leaders
  • inspire people around you
  • lead effectively under pressure
  • connect with others and build trust more quickly
Trainer: Jana Chynoradská
Leader and course Developer: Jana Chynoradská