Essentials of Multiple Intelligences

If you are looking for an inspiring, innovative training course for your teaching career, you should not miss out this opportunity to join us in this innovative teacher-training course. It is led by Andrea Rebrova, a highly professional and successfull teacher and teacher-trainer who is ready to share with you the essentials of the multiple intelligence theory.


Essentials of Leadership for Teachers & Trainers

This training course introduces, examines and develops the essential skills of effective leadership and management. It is prepared for skilled professional trainers, aware practitioners who are searching for an advancement in their career and need these skills for their own development as well as for the development of their schools/ training organisations.


The Learner-Centred Approach

This course is the foundation course of the Learn & Lead Program for Trainers. It focuses on the development of trainers┬┤ pedagogical and psychological thinking rooted in the principles of learner-centred approach.