17th May 2021


If you associate this program only with inter-university trips, we absolutely need to broaden your perspective:)
Because Erasmus +, in which  HARMONY ACADEMY s.r.o. Slovakia,  PLUS Academia spol. s r.o. Slovakia, Pucko otvoreno uciliste Vinkovci, Croatia, BIEDRIBA EUROFORTIS, Latvia, Centrum Edukacyjne Feniks, sp. z o. o, Poland and the coordinator UNIVERZITA TOMASE BATI VE ZLINE, Czech Republic, participate, is based on the creation of modern business models for traditional language schools. All of this, to take English learning to an even higher level.

Representatives of these five countries – so far only online – meet at video conferences to discuss various ideas that language schools are to develop, so that they can even better and more modernly develop their students linguistically.

Erasmus+ | Representatives of five countries` language schools

As the project partners and language school owners, we strongly believe, that participation in the project  Erasmus + KA 203 Transformation of a traditional language school by means of business model innovation” will significantly contribute to the modification of the traditional language school’s business into a new type of business model. It will reflect the changes in business environment, customer requirements and challenges of the new digital era.