The Learn&Lead certification is open to language teachers, trainers and language schools who wish to upgrade their professional life. It is accredited by the Slovak Association of Language Schools and was created during the multinational Erasmus+project “Learning, training and working for better perspectives and employability.

The Learn and Lead mission is to create inspiring learning environments by improving the performance of individuals and organisations, notably in the areas of strategic development, organisational management, leadership, and quality of learning provision, internationalisation, equality and inclusion.

Choosing the PROLANTCAP Trainer Development Framework as your CPD policy whether you are a single trainer and a language school. When you are a school and want to implement the PTDF into your organisation, we offer you the Learn&Lead functional school management structure (LaL SMS) that transforms traditional language schools in order to sustain their business for the better and more valuable language training  services across Europe. This structure helps your school “bring up “your own leaders who help your school establish the “2nd Level” of services that you offer to customers for added value. This is very closely linked to their upgrading qualification (Learn&Lead and PROLANTCAP) that go hand in hand with their acquired experience in the chosen industry and attendance at the specifically chosen and structured training programmes.

The main advantage of the LaL SMS is that your trainers (teachers) are offered a career that can be developed from Trainer Level 1 (a competent replicator) through Trainer Level 2 (an aware practitioner) – PROLANTCAP trainer, to Trainer Level 3 (an expert facilitator). It also invites trainers to grow in managerial terms, i.e. at the same time becoming Leaders (DoSs) and Developers (creative managers). This flexible structure brings lots of interconnections between your staff and opens the minds of trainers to think as a team rather than as an individual doing his/her own job in the classroom.

We build a community of learning&leading language schools in Europe. Learn and Lead provides schools with the tools and know-how to enable all their staff – trainers and managers alike – to be the best they can be, to constantly evolve and to embrace transformation.