13th November 2019

Building Partnerships for a Learner-Centred Approach

We were really honoured to be invited to the international contact seminar organized from 2nd to 4th October 2019 in Bratislava. Its title was Building Partnerships for a Learner-Centred Approach and was hosted by SAAIC – the Slovak Erasmus+ National Agency. Its main aim was to promote networking among organizations that plan to prepare new Strategic Partnership projects in the school sector and/or cross-sectoral school/higher education partnerships (KA201, KA229, KA203) focused on learner-centred teaching and learning.

Ever since HARMONY was established we have been working with our trainers to be applying the learner-centred approach in the classroom. It is the underlying pedagogical approach we all respect and apply in the classroom skilfully.

Today though, after more than 19 years of its implementation, we do not apply this philosophy only in the classroom. We have learnt that teachers need a different working environment and support when they choose to be working in line with learner-centred approach with all of their students. So we go beyond the classroom and apply the teacher-centred approach in our management. This system helps us work to with our teachers and trainers on a daily basis. It allows us to create mixed teams of professionals who work together, learn together and develop together for the benefit of their students.

In what way is the learner-centred approach different from the traditional one?

In the traditional approach to teaching, most class time is spent with the teacher lecturing and the students passively watching and listening. The students work individually on assignments, and cooperation is not encouraged. Learner-centred teaching methods shift the focus of activity from the teacher to the learners.

Learner-centred approach is targeted on the learners and their development rather than on the transmission of content. It addresses the balance of power in teaching and learning, moves towards learners actively constructing their own knowledge, and puts the responsibility for learning on the learners.

If you want to go through the material that Gabriela Lojova and Jana Chynoradska presented at this event, please study the links below:

Theoretical basis and principles of learner-centred approach [EN, pdf]
Gabriela Lojová, Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Education

Learner-centred approach in practice [EN, pdf]
Jana Chynoradská, Harmony academy

Some text in this article was taken from the original site of the event: https://www.erasmusplus.sk/TCA/index.php?sw=1