12th January 2021

Bright Future for Language Schools

Transformation is all around us and whether we are aware of it or not, we are part of it. When I initiated a project with Boris Popesko, the Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Economy and Management, UNIVERZITA TOMASE BATI VE ZLINE, I was sure that this connection would be working! I was happy to find other language school owners who accepted my invitation and joined us in this phase of the Learn & Lead development where we look the essence of a language school, its business model. The project was successfully launched in November 2020 and here we introduce one key partner in it.

Who is Agnieszka Pedzimąż?

Agnieszka PedzimążAgnieszka Pedzimąż —  a graduate of English Philology at the University of Silesia and postgraduate studies in therapeutic pedagogy and education management. English and French language teacher with DELF diploma, Teddy Eddie Lesson Supervisor and Positive Discipline Educator. She has been teaching foreign languages for over 20 years. She created the European Summit Language Center in 1998 out of her passion for learning and founded the Happy Teddy Private Language Kindergarten in 2005 out of love for children. Privately, mother of three daughters Laura (17), Mai (11) and Milenka (5) with whom she implements the concept of Positive Discipline at home. Believing the principle of 100% commitment to what she does, she also introduces it in her school and kindergarten.

What message does she send?

“2020 – a year of unexpected change in our life, work and planning. The pandemic world is difficult to foresee, however, as the school owner of Summit European Language Center, I can feel that all the spheres are going to be transformed. This transformation is expected everywhere. The whole world is going to digitalize almost everything: services, products, sale, education. Traditional language schools are facing similar changes.

Therefore, as the project partners and language school owners HARMONY ACADEMY s.r.o., Slovakia, PLUS Academia spol. s r.o., Slovakia, Pucko otvoreno uciliste Vinkovci, Croatia, BIEDRIBA EUROFORTIS, Latvia, Centrum Edukacyjne Feniks, sp. z o. o, Poland and the coordinator UNIVERZITA TOMASE BATI VE ZLINE, Czech Republic, we strongly believe that participation in the project “Erasmus + KA 203 Transformation of a traditional language school by means of business model innovation” will significantly contribute to the modification of the traditional language school’s business into a new type of business model. It will reflect the changes in business environment, customer requirements and challenges of the new digital era.

The main output of the project is a new business model for language schools which should be general and applicable by any language school in different conditions. Before I joined the project, I asked myself questions which helped me out with the decision:

  • What will my work and life look like in the future?
  • What will I devote my time to in the future?
  • Who will benefit from my work in the future?
  • How will the project influence my work?

Being one of the fans in the group Learn & Lead I found the answers and eventually became a partner of the international project “Erasmus + KA 203 Transformation of a traditional language school by means of business model innovation”.

I was happy to participate on November 11 and 12, 2020, at an online kick-off meeting of representatives of Erasmus + project partners, for which UNIVERZITA TOMASE BATI VE ZLINE is the coordinator. “

Learn & Lead Zoom meeting

I am excited about the next course of action with this team and enthusiastic partners! I am also convinced that we are with the right people, in the right project at the right time not only for us, but also for many other language school owners who are looking for solutions that will help them succeed in today`s rapidly changing world.

Keep the vision and trust the process!

Jana Chynoradská