11th December 2020

An Online Pilot Innovative Management Training Course: How to stay SMART and EFFICIENT in this changing world!

This is a time of uncertainty and often a very challenging time for managers to remain positive leaders while leading their team to success. Learn & Lead have developed a unique innovative management training course to help managers, teachers, business owners, employers and employees, professionals in all walks of life, to achieve their goals effectively. This is part of the HAPPY SCHOOL 2020 Erasmus+ project.

This bespoke course is presented in English where you will not only improve your speaking English skills by definitely will boost your self-confidence, you will learn how to be a SMART thinker, how to find a way that guarantees visible results, how to rediscover enthusiasm for work and self-confidence in your actions and also how to lead your team to collaboration and sustainable performance.

This innovative online management training commenced on Thursday 12th November via Microsoft Teams and continues for the next 10 weeks. The students are from different countries (Slovakia, France and Poland) and although the 8 students are from the Automotive Industry, they have different managerial roles and responsibilities in Logistics, Human Resources and Production, working for Peugeot, Opel and Volkswagen. Two Learn & Lead trainee-trainers are also attending the course, shadowing Jana Chynoradská, the trainer on this course. Students learn in a friendly atmosphere, share objectives and work in small groups, discovering how the 9 Learn & Lead Principles of a SMART person can help them apply these principles to everyday life both professionally and personally, to stay SMART and EFFICIENT in this changing world!