12th October 2020

An interview with the joint Croatian Coordinators – Berislav Božanović.

Berislav Božanović 

Tell me a little about yourself.

“I am Berislav Bozanovic, an English and French teacher from Croatia, and principal and owner of Linguapax, a language school located in two Croatian towns – Vinkovci and Vukovar. I am at home when teaching, and probably an eternal migrant in business. My professional interests lie in the realm of quality supportive of reaching the desired learning outcomes. It took me 15 years to create a successful lifelong language development path for learners, based on a firm structure hidden behind gaming, serenity and life joy. Perhaps one might call it learner-centred, but for me it always meant “child-within-myself-centred teaching”.

I have also been a teacher trainer, an academic manager, a research investigator, and am happy to say that my instincts have led me to unprecedented and precious insights such as having a cold pint of draft in Slovakia on several occasions.

Favourite free-time consumers: sports, scuba diving, skiing, fishing, playing Pacman. Since I have little free time, I have hardly exercised any of these for the past couple of years because there have always been other urgent matters I had to focus on. Not that I can recall any of those matters, but it must have seemed quite important to me at the time.

As a member of the Croatian Association of Language Schools CAFL I believe I can help L&L curriculum spread in the language community and hope that our school will become a role model for others in Croatia.

About my school: I am really proud of Linguapax, which is, similarly to other language schools, quite unique. We produce as many as 80-100 B2, C1 and C2 Cambridge Assessment candidates every year, and everyone knows how difficult it is to coach these. Our most valuable asset is our staff, its enthusiasm and expertise.

We just entered our first Erasmus+ project with Jana a couple of weeks ago, and, speaking on behalf of my little Erasmus team and myself, we are really enthusiastic about this project and are looking forward to learning more new and exciting stuff and join L&L network towards the green pastures Jana has envisioned for us all.”