12th October 2020

An interview with the joint Croatian Coordinators – Andrea Anić Petrović.

Andrea Anić Petrović .

Tell me a little about yourself.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Andrea Anić Petrović and I come from a small town in the Eastern part of Croatia called Vukovar. I have been working at Linguapax language school since I finished University.

16 years ago I started working as an English teacher. However with time I became a senior teacher, a mentor and an academic manager in Linguapax.

Although English is my biggest passion and teaching is my calling, by chance I found that writing and coordinating projects is something I am also good at.

By combining my passion and talent it quickly became obvious that through projects I can excel professionally in English teaching skills, develop partnerships in Europe and meet amazing like-minded people that are determined enough to make a difference and leave their mark across their countries as well as Europe.

At this point in time I was destined to meet Jana Chynoradska and learn about the 9 guiding principles. The more I learned about Jana and the 9 principles the more obvious it became that they were the natural answers to my future professional path.

When Jana invited me to be a part of her first group of students in a new course dedicated solely to the 9 guiding principles I naturally jumped at the opportunity. Becoming a member of Learn & Lead Committee was a natural continuation of our cooperation.

Andrea is happy to share her final presentation from the 9 Learn & Lead Principles of a Smart Person here. We hope it will inspire you to join us soon!

More interviews next month!