Expert CLIL Trainer in Bratislava soon!

Linda Polkowski has recently become a trainer of the Learn&Lead Centre of Innovation with her „Empowerment through CLIL” course. She is coming to Bratislava this August in order to provide this specialized teacher-training course to all the Slovakian teachers and trainers who are ready to learn with her!


I CHOOSE because it´s my life

The book “I CHOOSE because it´s my life“ talks about a birth of a new life within an organisation and is a free continuation of the book “I CAN because it´s my life”. The book points out the role of the Principal manager/Business owner who empowers their teachers/trainers to do so. It reveals the goings-on behind the curtain and brings evidence about the never-ending will-power to cope with the „mistakes“ of the past.


Welcome to Learn&Lead!

It´s my pleasure to welcome you to our new webpage Learn&Lead. Since the „Learn&Lead Centre of Innovation“ concept was created back in 2010, we have been actively working on its further development. Today we are succeeding in creating ideas, submitting projects and implementing them