12th October 2020

A flash from the past!

Upgrade your teachers/trainers in synergy with your school. ‘The Learn&Lead Pathway to Greatness’.

This five day teacher-training, innovative school management and business training was hosted by CNTC, Alpha Langues, Pau, between the 7th and 11th October, 2019. The training was provided by Jana Chynoradská, HARMONY ACADEMY and Marcel Rypák, IPA, Slovakia. The five days covered:

Teacher Training

Studentcentred approach

Creative methodology

Innovative School Management and Business Training

Essentials of Communication

Essentials of Leadership

Time Management and Life management I

Life Management II and Digital Tools for Future

Learn&Lead Finance Model

Learn&Lead Management and Training System

Amber/Learn&Lead software

Presentation/Discussion/Erasmus+ Project Consultancy

Learn&Lead EUROPE and beyond

Training provided within the HAPPY SCHOOL 2020 Erasmus+ project. For more information please contact Monika Miklankova at monika@harmony.sk.