11th December 2020

2nd Learn & Lead UPDATE Community Meeting – 20th October, 2020

The 2nd Learn & Lead UPDATE Community meeting took place via Zoom on Tuesday 20th October, 2020. Members of the Learn & Lead Fans and Friends were invited to join the meeting. The main objective of the meeting was to update all with the latest news, share learning experiences and ideas and projects for further implementation and development of the Learn & Lead pathway to greatness – synergic development of language training and people and business development.

Jana Chynoradska opened the meeting by welcoming all attending. There were four mini group discussions, a guest speaker, Jana spoke about Covid-19 and posed the question was it a threat or an opportunity? A guest speaker – Musassir ARAFAT shared his final presentation from the training on the 9 Learn & Lead Principles of a Smart Person which he attended in September 2020 with all the participatns. He nicely summed up how these principles can tackle the key challenges managers and teachers face in today´s school.s At the end Dee informed all of the learning opportunities available to all, the new website, the Learn & Lead Conference 2021 and the monthly newsletter. She asked all to send any articles, stories etc. to be included in the newsletter, which would make interesting reading for members. Jana then closed the meeting and reminded all the next meeting will be on Tuesday 17th November, 6 pm – 7:30 pm.  Below is the copy of the evenings programme and available learning opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information and to forward your contribution for the newsletter.

17,50 – 18,00  Happy time – join us for a free talk

18,00 – 18,15 Opening & Welcoming new participants

18,15 – 18,30 Mini group discussions on the updates of individual participants

18,30 – 18,45 Mini groups sharing experience – reports from small groups

18,45 – 18,55  Guest speaker – How to engage your team with the 9Learn & Lead Principles?

18,55 – 19,00  COVID-19 – a threat or an opportunity?

19,00 – 19,10 Mini group discussion on COVID-19: a threat or an opportunity? 

19,10 – 19,20 Mini groups sharing experience – reports from small groups

19,20 – 19,25 Don´t miss out! – information about the next action

19,25 – 19,30  Summary and THANK YOU.                                              



  1. Online pilot management training in English
  2. Online focus group sessions

We would like to propose a series of focus group sessions from the month of November 2020. The organisation of these focus groups can be done as

  • Peer learning group (PFG) sessions – these are free meetings of individuals who share a common goal and meet once a month and work on a common goal.
  • or
  • Consultant learning group (CFG) sessions – these are paid sessions (suggested price: 120 Eur/4 sessions of 60 minutes per person, group of 4 – 8 people) facilitated by a Learn & Lead consultant (certified Learn & Lead professional) who leads a group of people towards achieving their common objectives.

Once a group is formed, a Learn & Lead consultant is notified and gets in touch with the people interested in the priority and agrees on the dates and starts the sessions, otherwise (a PLG) people appoint their leader and s/he is in charge of the sessions. They can share their findings in these UPDATE meetings. They can also continue working together for the longer period and/or create a project proposal and apply for a funding via Erasmus+ or other funding options.

Suggested priorities from which we can derive specific goals:

  • To develop new generation teachers and trainers.
  • To explore the idea of happiness and to share this between ourselves and to others.
  • To create new ideas focusing on effective English learning with Learn & Lead.

Other information

  1. New website creation
  2. Learn & Lead Conference 2021, Croatia
  3. Monthly Newsletter