2nd July 2017

Expert CLIL Trainer in Bratislava soon!

Linda Polkowski has recently become a trainer of the Learn&Lead Centre of Innovation with her „Empowerment through CLIL” course. She is coming to Bratislava this autumn in order to provide this specialized teacher-training course for everyone who is looking for inspiration and professional guidance with regards to this increasingly more and more popular method. Please notice that the course is also part of the Prolant Cap professional career path of a language trainer/teacher that opens possibilities for career growth and professional development of language teachers and trainers throughout Europe. For those of you who do not know Linda and would like to consider your participation in this training course, make sure that you will meet a dynamic, experienced professional who currently holds a position of Vice Principal at Anglolang Academy in the UK. To learn more about Linda, read HERE.

Linda is ready to support, guide and mentor the language teachers and trainers who want to upgrade their career and choose to become the Prolant Cap sector-specific language teachers/trainers.

It´s great you are coming to Slovakia to run this training for language teachers and trainers. Can you tell us about your motivation for this?
I found it very stimulating to be the UK partner in the KA2 Prolant Cap project  and really enjoyed the pilot trainaing phase. At this time I noticed there was a real need for trainers to become better acquainted with the CLIL method in order to deliver more effective lessons.

Why do you think the CLIL method is becoming more and more popular?
The focus is on content so if you are working int that field you are already engaged as a learner. It’s  easy and motivating to see how directly relevant the lessons are to your daily working  life.

When did you come across with the CLIL method for the first time?
A few years ago at Anglolang Academy in the UK,  as I am a trainer on our teacher training courses which include CLIL.

Who leads your way in terms of your professional development ?
The learners are often the key to leading  the way because we respond to their needs and wants and try to provide training that is constantly updated so it is relevant and useful. Other than that it is working with a team of trainers because we always learn from each other.

What do you think about the Learn&Lead Functional Management Structure with regards to establishing the Prolant Cap certification of langugae trainers?
As a career pathway it  leads to better recognition and empowerment for trainers plus better quality of provision for all stakeholders. So it is to be welcomed!

Who is the target group of this CLIL training?
This CLIL training is primarily aimed at those trainers who qualify for Prolant Cap training. It is also open to other experienced teachers and trainers who are interested in this method. They will probably be quite experienced trainers who as yet have not had any or much exposure to CLIL methodology and would like to understand how to plan lessons around CLIL or  who would like to refresh their knowledge.

The course is OPEN now. If you want to join us, please, register here.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Your Learn&Lead Team